They Don’t Dance Much

They Don’t Dance Much by James Ross

They Don't Dance Much - Southern Illinois Press - 1971

They Don’t Dance Much by James Ross

“They Don’t Dance Much” is a novel written by James Ross, first published in 1940.

“They Don’t Dance Much” is a novel written by James Ross and published in 1940. The story is set in a small town roadhouse, and it is a hard bitten tale of corruption and murder. The novel received acclaim from notable authors such as Raymond Chandler and Flannery O’Connor.

The novel follows the dirty shenanigans of bootlegger roadhouse owner, Smut Milligan, and his employee, Jack McDonald, who is down on his luck. The story is told in a gritty and realistic manner. Jack McDonald is a conflicted protagonist, and the reader is drawn into Jack’s world as he struggles with moral dilemmas in the harsh environment of the roadhouse.

They Don’t Dance Much – paperback cover

One of the most striking aspects of the novel is its depiction of the small town society. The author portrays the people of the town as being driven by their own desires, greed, and needs. The novel also explores the themes of power and control, as the owner of the roadhouse is always scheming in this small-town community.

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