Best Harry Potter FanFiction Neville

Neville Longbottom’s Journey Through the Hallowed Ground


Chapter One – Neville Longbottom Pure of Heart but not of Mind

Hermione’s head is now up. She’s been doing meditation and practicing to become more telepathic. She wants to improve her ability to focus.

She ready to take on a challenge, but most things are not difficult at all for her. Except this. She wants to become able to read other people’s minds easily.

Then, she turns to Neville, and smiles wryly. “I see.”

Neville’s expression has gone completely pale. “I see you’re making progress already,” he says.

“I’m sorry. Excuse me, I need to keep going.”

“So much fun and good wishes.” He pauses. “You’re doing fine.”

“Don’t try to evade. I can read your thoughts. Tell me the truth. How will you do that?”

“I’m going to practice using the Runes to learn the magic of a Death Eater. I’ll use their magic to help win the Cup.”

“I’ll tell on you. I’ll do it, I’ll do it. Stop this and I think that you’ll be alright. But I admit, I would like to see far you could go.”

Neville says, “Then what’s going to happen if I do quit? How will we win?”

Her eyes light up. “Harry Potter will win.” Neville looks up from his book and stares at Harry.

Harry’s smile suddenly switches. “Good luck.”

Neville shoots back, “Great, you have your plan, and it’s not going to include using magic. Your friends’ plans are not going to work.”

“Maybe. But I suppose we could use some magic. Why not try it and see?”, Hermione scoffs.

Neville is now on edge. “We’ll still need a plan b. You just need to see how far this ends on both sides. Slytherin uses magic to cheat all the time!”

“Okay,” Hermione says. “If we don’t use it, you’ll just know that this was a waste of time and could end up costing us until everything we’ve worked for is completely destroyed.”

Harry nods in disbelief. “You guys are going to need to spend more time together practicing to win the Cup legitimately.”

“I guess. But I really am a bit tired of having to go to practice.”

“Well, your team will work well together, they’re all good friends.”

“It’s a shame.” Neville says. “It would improve our chances over Slytherin. We’re still only going to sit on the bench and watch us lose.”

“You’ll want to keep watching what we’ve already been doing and find ways to improve.” Harry says, and gets off of the couch. It’s cold outside, but now all he’s hearing about is how much more interesting it is to practice magic to cheat the rules than practice for the Cup.

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